Season III

As the world of Orient City experienced growing pains, so did our heroes and we open Season 3 as they grapple with the fall-out from their redemption. Jun-Fan, believing Koji to be dead, once again goes down a dark path of addiction. Dismayed by his failure to act and retreat to the warm embrace of a pipe, a now teenage Nessa takes her anger out on the criminals of the city… plying her trade like an avenging angel of death. In this season we will see Nessa deal with her anger; at being orphaned, at losing her father figure and mentor to his vices, at losing Koji, and at the flood of criminal activity in her city.


While we previously dealt with the bleak oppression of drug addiction on the poor of Orient City, we now shine a light on an issue that further illustrates the dichotomy of classes in Orient City; human trafficking. Now a prisoner of Devil Hanzo, Koji is alive but kept at a camp on Tombstone where they train young orphan boys to be ninjas and young females to be courtesans. The Dead Eels have institutionalized the kidnapping of young orphans for many years, and Koji is one of their former victims. She shares her story throughout the season with one of the orphans… and we learn about her past, how she came to be taught the dark art of ninjitsu and her hatred for the Dead Eels.


Koji’s flashbacks to her past are woven through Jun-Fan’s slide down the rabbit hole. The monk eventually realizes the despair he feels over Koji is love. Battling these feelings and opening himself up to this help him regain control of his life. The broken down warrior must do so in time to protect the young warrior that has trusted him... as Nessa faces physical tests and adversaries she may not be ready for.


As our heroes fall, the villains have risen. Through manipulation, invention and the deadly touch of The Crow, Rooster sits atop the criminal food chain. More menacing than ever, Rooster has developed the first cylinder pistol – which means that he can fire multiple shots without having to reload. One of his other weapons is our young Muskrat from Black Rock, who has not lost any of his savagery.


Everything along the way ties back into the orphan camp on Tombstone, right down to the mysterious origins of the Crows. The season culminates in the final showdown between Jun-Fan and Rooster, two old friends settling the score once and for all.